Welcome to the Saint Pancras Old Church History Project Website

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St Pancras Old Church has been a site of Christian worship since the 4th century. It is thought that this church is on a site that has offered worship for more than 1700 years. Fragments of Roman material can still be seen here and there in the fabric of the current building. The monuments and reuse of stone chart the history of the church’s development over time. Spanning eight centuries since Fulcherius in the late 12th century the incumbents stretch down to the present day, Fr James Elston becoming the Team Vicar in 2012.

Our project aims to recover some of this 1600 years of history through archival and scholarly research, as well as building on the collective memory of a thousand years of parishioners and visitors to St Pancras. We hope that some of you reading this blog might have your own memories or family history to contribute, and we welcome stories, photos and whatever else you might have to share.

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  1. My great-great grandfather, Henry Goodall of Derby, married his first wife here on September 21 1841. His bride, Mary Haselwood, was the daughter of a teacher/tutor in Gower Street, so I suspect he studied (pharmaceuticals) at a London college nearby. The train line into Euston had been built then, but not St Pancras or Kings Cross. It is likely the land behind the church to the east was still dominated by the dust heaps that may have inspired Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend. It also means that he didn’t travel between Derby and London by train, so stage coach it would have been.

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