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This blog is run on behalf of the many members of the St Pancras Old Church History Project by Dr. Joanne Paul, a Lecturer in History at the New College of the Humanities in London. Originally from Canada, Joanne moved here three years ago for her PhD and quickly found the wonderful and welcoming community at St. Pancras. She loves all sorts of history, but her special interest is in sixteenth-century English political history. To get in touch with her about the blog or St Pancras Old Church, please email SPOCHistoryProject@gmail.com.


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  1. diego gastrell says:

    Hello. I write from buenos aires argentina. My name is Diego Gastrell, I am a direct descendant of Gastrell family who lived in London and Bristol in the 18th and 19th century. I know that several of them were married in St. Pancras Old church of London and if possible I am seeking to deepen my genealogical investigations that Culminate with a scheduled trip with my father and brothers in August next to his city. I am looking for records of Roger Gastrell and Mary Tolladay who were progenitors of James Gastrell who married Charlotte Twaites at St. Pancras Old Church on february 10 1816 and had 6 children, all baptized in christchurch Bristol. I pass the records I have. Grateful for any information you can give me. From already thank you very much.

    James and Charlotte GASTRELL were having their children baptized at
    Christchurch, Bristol in the early 19th. century. His childrens was:

    Charlotte Hanson GASTRELL was born on 19th November 1816 and baptized on
    11th. February 1817.

    James Eardley GASTRELL was born on 18th January and baptized on 11th. March

    Emily Maria GASTRELL was born on 10th. November 1821 and baptized on 30th.
    May 1822.

    Fanny Letitia Hodge was born on 21st. December 1822 and baptized on 27th.
    July 1824.

    Henry Thwaites GASTRELL was born on 17th. December 1825 and baptized on
    19th. March 1830.

    Charles Prideaux GASTRELL was born on 16th. December 1828 and baptized on
    19th. March 1830.

    Thanks for all

    Diego Gastrell

    From Buenos Aires Argentina


    • Joanne_Paul says:

      Thank you for getting in touch and for this fascinating information. Unfortunately all our records are held by the London Met Archives, and we don not have ready access to them. Wonderful to know there’s such interest in the church from all around the world!

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